Completed project

We are very pleased to have finished a major restoration project of an eighteenth century Grade II listed farmhouse in Oxfordshire. The farmhouse and associated buildings including a cheese-room had sat unoccupied for fifteen years and were in need of

The Cheeseroom Transformed

The skeleton of the 1st floor structure of the cheeseroom at our Wantage project is revealed. The floor surface is reduced to a curvilinear bridge which descends on to the new stair down to the lower level.

Barn Raising

The frame for the Dutch barn at Garlands Farm is already taking shape. Due to its size there is both a metal and timber frame – metal to cope with the large spans and overall strength and timber to deal

Magic Carpet

The builders are template-ing the proposed steel bridge and stair at Garlands Farm out of plywood to take to a steel fabricator. The intent is to create a ‘magic carpet’ that sits atop the existing historic structure and then cascades

Splicing the Beam at Garlands Farm

One of the existing beams in the cheese room at Garlands Farm was totally rotten and falling out of the wall.  So, the rotten end was sawn off and the remaining piece and a piece reclaimed from another beam in

Garlands Farm Cheeseroom

It’s very unusual to find a cheese-room with the original shelf brackets still in place.  Originally the brackets ran through the wall and out the other side therefore showing on the exterior.  The Conservation Officer has asked us to reinstate

Grade II Listed Farmhouse

This Grade II listed farmhouse, cheese room and farmyard has being lovingly restored and extended.  Inspired by the original farmyard form lost in the 1960s, the new extensions to the farmhouse provide amazing views of the Ridgeway and a contemporary