• 16/12/2019 Charlie Builds a House

    Back in the late Spring of 2017 Charlie started building his own house. The whole process has been followed by Homebuilding & Renovating and you can now see how his journey unfolded, including the final reveal, if you click this

  • 18/11/2019 Barn Adaptation

    This barn was originally converted 20 years ago. The current owners were keen to adapt it to suit their needs and in doing so we’ve taken the opportunity to breathe some of it’s original ‘barn-ness’ back into the building. The

  • 04/11/2019 Linking past and present

    This lead and glass link uses the classic method of transparency to connect and distinguish between an old and new building.

  • 24/10/2019 The Bristol Housing Festival

    The second year of the Bristol Housing Festival is now underway and Charlie will be speaking at the Self Build and Community Led Housing event there tomorrow. The Festival is supporting the building of new communities across the city of Bristol through an

  • 07/10/2019 The HexxHome Show Home

    We’ve been working with HexxHome on designs for a show home at the Graven Hill self build community village near Bicester. Our 3-bedroom Hexxhome concept uses a patented  prefabricated build system which is perfect for prospective custom build home owners.

  • 26/09/2019 Concept Massing

    At the moment we’re working on the concept massing for a walled garden house. Sketching out the massing helps determine the relative sizes of the building volumes and the spaces they create between them.

  • 20/09/2019 Climate Strike

    Charlie Luxton Design will be joining the Global Climate Strike in Oxford on 20.09.19 to be part of raising awareness for the need for action on climate change.

  • 17/09/2019 Copper Roof

    We’ve been hoping for an opportunity to work with this material for some time and now we’re seeing the first glimpses of the standing seam copper roof being revealed on this project in Buckinghamshire. It will be exciting to see

  • 02/09/2019 Sketch scheme

    One of the first stages of work we carry out for clients will be a feasibility study to explore options in response to a brief. These images are the result of working up the preferred option as part of a

  • 19/08/2019 Project completed

    It was very exciting to re-visit this recently completed project and see how the clients have settled into their new home. Even better when they’re so happy with the results. Click here to see more about this extensive sustainable bungalow renovation

  • 16/07/2019 Nearing completion

    This project next to the woods just south of Oxford is nearing completion. The wood cladding is looking very fresh but the untreated white cedar shingle on the lower half will fade to a pale white colour and the larch

  • 12/07/2019 Planning submitted

    We’ve just submitted a planning application to undertake a substantial re-modelling of a mid-Victorian house that had been altered and extended several times. Quite a challenge. A key part of the plan is to re-locate the main access which currently

  • 08/07/2019 Building the Dream is back

    The next series of Building the Dream is back on More4 from Tuesday 9th July, 9pm.

  • 04/07/2019 London’s Great Bridges

    A fascinating show looking behind the scenes at a multi-million pound project to re-light London’s bridges. The three part series starting this Saturday 7th July on Channel 4 at 7pm, looks at the history and culture of London’s bridges and

  • 26/06/2019 Ideal Home!

    The Sheepfold is featured in July’s issue of Ideal Home magazine; pick up your copy now!

  • 11/06/2019 Impossible Builds

    Impossible Builds is back on our screens starting tonight on More4, 9pm.

  • 10/06/2019 Oxford Green Week

    This week is Oxford Green Week . A city-wide festival which uses culture, creativity and community to inspire local people to take action against climate change. Charlie is joining with Transition by Design, an architecture and design co-operative to talk about sustainable architecture

  • 04/06/2019 Timber Frame

    Following several months of coordination with the timber frame manufacturer, this new-build project is finally bursting into life. The prefabricated elements are hoisted in to place with a telehandler; a process that produces a weather tight shell in a mere

  • 23/05/2019 Garden Room Extension

    This new garden room extension will provide much needed extra living space to the existing cottage and greater connection to the garden. Connected by a linking walkway the garden building will compliment the cottage with a sensitive use of materials

  • 15/04/2019 Gone to Planning

    We have just submitted a planning application for a replacement dwelling in Buckinghamshire. The original house dated back to the 1850s and had been extended a number of times and this piecemeal approach had left little evidence of the original