Charlie is passionate about the environment and communicating his enthusiasm for sustainable architecture and design. He has combined his design work with writing and presenting television programmes for the last twenty years and fronts Building the Dream and Homes by the Sea for More4, amongst others.


Great British Home Restoration, More4 London’s Great Bridges: Lighting the Thames, Channel4 Impossible Builds, Series 1, Part 1, More4 Building the Dream, S1-10, More4

Secret Homes, Discovery

2021 Great British Home Restoration, More4 2021 Building the Dream, S10, More4

2020 Building the Dream, S9, More4

2019 London's Great Bridges: Lighting the Thames, Channel4 2019 Impossible Builds, S1, More4

2019 Building the Dream, S8, More4

2019 World's Weirdest Homes, S2, More4

2018 Building the Dream, S7, More4

2017 Best Laid Plans, S1, More4

2017 Supercommuters: How Far Would You Go?, More4

2017 Building the Dream, S6, More4

2016 Homes by the Med, S2, More4

2016 Homes by the Sea, S3, More4

2016 Building the Dream, S5, More4

2016 Homes by the Med, S1, More4

2016 Building the Dream, S4, More4

2015 DIY SOS: The Big Build, BBC1

2015 World's Weirdest Homes, S1, Channel4

2015 Homes by the Sea, S2, More4

2015 Building the Dream, S3, More 4

2014 Homes by the Sea, S1, More 4

2014 DIY SOS: The Big Build, BBC1

2014 Building the Dream, S2, More4

2013 Building the Dream, S1, More4

2013 Culture Show: Design Special, BBC2

2012 Britain’s Hidden Heritage, BBC1

2012 Culture Show: Architecture Special, BBC2

2012 Brick by Brick: Rebuilding Britain, BBC2

2012 DIY SOS: The Big Build, BBC1

2011 The Great Treehouse Challenge, SKY1

2011 DIY SOS Children in Need Special, BBC1

2011 Britain’s Hidden Heritage, BBC1

2011 DIY SOS: The Big Build, BBC1

2011 Frontiers, CNN International

2010 Engineering the Impossible, Discovery US

2008-2009 Build a New Life in the Country, Channel 5

2008 I Own Britain’s Best Home, Channel 5

2008 Behind Closed Doors, Channel 5

2007 Homes and Property, ITV1

2007 Vertical City, VOOM Network and More4

2007 The Perfect House, BBC Radio 4

2006 Metropolis, Discovery

2006 Artland USA, VOOM Network and Sky Arts

2005 Restored to Glory, BBC2

2004 Bionic Buildings, BBC3

2004 Guerrilla Homes, BBC3

2004 Designer of the Year, BBC4

2004 Ice Dreams, BBC4

2003 Dream Spaces, BBC3

2003 Designer of the Year, Channel 4

2003 Stirling Prize, Channel 4

2002 Dream Spaces, BBC3

2002 Not All Bricks and Mortar, Channel 4

2002 Stirling Prize, Channel 4

2001 Not All Houses are Square, Channel 4

2000 Modern British Architects, Channel 5

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Public Speaking

Charlie regularly gives talks and presentations to a wide range of audiences about all aspects of the built environment and sustainability. Whether talking about airport terminals or termites he is always passionate, accessible and informative.


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